July 30, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Being a lifeguard at a community pool, a swim instructor, and a babysitter practically takes up 18 of the 24 hours I have in each day. However, it also means I get a lot of interaction with children, which I love. Children are my passion and I aspire to have a career working with them one of these days.

Children also come up with some funny things to say. A warm summer day last year, this took place between me and a five-year-old (at the time) boy. Now, this boy is a member of a triplet family and so he also has a sister and brother. With that being said, let's get on to the conversation!

CB: "Hey, Alex!"

I poke his bellybutton and he giggles

Me: "Hey, CB!! Tickle, tickle."

CB: "Oh, that is close to my penis."

A little stunned, I try and blow off the situation.

Me: "Ah, yes well why aren't you in the pool?"

CB: "My penis is clean because I just got out of the pool! But did you know that GB (his sister) has something else?"

GB proceeds to join us next to my lifeguard stand.

Me: "Yep, she does! Because she is a girl and you are a boy."

CB: "Yeah, she's a girl so she has a hole. This one time, GB showed me her peepee and there was white stuff inside

Thanks for sharing.

New Beginnings

As I sat in the San Diego International airport the other day, I pondered the idea of starting a blog. I have been reading various blogs for a couple years: mommy blogs, cancer woes and milestones, and the occasional health blogs (I try avoiding these). I have never been one to write often, but in the last month or so the thought of starting a blog kept coming into my mind as an actual possibility. And that is how I got here...

New beginnings
New surroundings
New school
New friends
New study habits
New blog

As I head off to college in a couple weeks, I feel as if starting a blog is very fitting in the "new" department. Another reason for this is so I can remember my college days. I want to be able to look back in four years and see how I thought moving into the dorms was. Chances are, I probably won't remember once I'm graduating and finishing off my final clinicals and whatnot (if all goes as planned, that is).

Welcome to my new blog and my new beginnings.

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