April 3, 2016

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

69 days ago I interviewed for this insanely DREAMY job. All I could think about was how to NOT mess up this incredible opportunity. The amount of sweat my body produced in that two hour interview was actually impressive; thank goodness it was all via video chat online. When people asked me how it went later on, all I could muster up was, "It was so fun!! I wanted to talk to them forever." I had never really had experience doing professional interviews, so something in me was confused because I never expected an interview to be fun and full of laughter. It just felt so right...

66 days ago I accepted that insanely DREAMY job at Seattle Children's Hospital. Seattle Children's Hospital. A world-class institute for pediatric medicine just offered me a job and I had ACCEPTED it. An absolute blur that phone call was; I'm 100% sure I never formally accepted the job. After the job was offered over the phone, I blurted something along the lines of, "THIS IS SO COOL!!! Thank you so much!" Luckily, that blubbery mess was an acceptable acceptance or I'd still be stuck under piles of snow in Milwaukee instead of sitting on my patio basking in this sunny Seattle Sunday (not that anything would be wrong about that).

40 days ago I was on the move! With my dad doing most of the hauling and some heavy-lifting help from a few generous friends (thanks a million, Brad!!), we had two cars loaded up and ready to hit the Great North! Shall I remind you that we were traveling through the northern states in the middle of February? For all of my California friends, that is ultimate snow season...

...we didn't see more than 3 inches of snow on the ground the entire 2,000 mile trip. How's that even possible?!?! Highways get shut down, the three gigantic mountain passes between Montana and Washington are often closed for snow or slowed enormously during this time of the year. We cruised through those six states at 80 miles an hour for three days without any problems. The week before, Milwaukee looked something like this:

 Some people would consider that lucky, I consider that Jesus.

A beautiful Montana sunrise!

Home stretch!
Home sweet home...my new backyard.
33 days ago I started my absolute dreamy job. Now that it's here and my job title is set, it's hard to remember the stress and angst I put myself through to get here. I vaguely remember a few days (okay, a few more than a few) being worried about my future, if I was going to be moving and where that would be, if my future coworkers would accept me, if I would find a niche like I have in my past few cities, etc. etc. etc. Let me tell you before you put yourself through the same cycle...God's gotcha. Just put your hand out, open up your heart, and He'll take you where you belong.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin was such a wonderful home for me, something I hadn't really thought possible as I moved out there. It was a huge transition moving from San Diego to Milwaukee, but I settled in beautifully and broke my heart into a million pieces as I packed up my bedroom a few weeks ago and hit the road Westward Ho. While I miss the laughter with dear friends (lifers), the winters, the cheese, the lake, the people, the beer, the festivals, the babies, the friendliness...I'm absolutely where I belong. I think the only two things I really don't miss are the potholes and Milwaukee's infamous odor. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made my life in Wisconsin so easy and simplistic. I would have been a completely lost lunatic if it weren't for y'all welcoming me into your space. Thank you for loving me, accepting me, and for teaching me all the tricks of the Midwest. The memories and friendships I made there can't shine a light on anything; 100% irreplaceable.

But now? Now, I work at one of America's Top Employers with my absolute DREAM JOB!! I've said that a million times now, but it still hasn't really settled in with me. Each morning that I go to work, I walk through the doors of a children's hospital, a place that regular people don't want to be...but I love it. This is something I honestly did not think would come to fruition until a few years post-grad, but with my minimal faith and a whole slue of doubt, God lay down a path for me to follow and brought me to this new, marvelous, fantastic chapter of my life. I owe so much more to Him than I currently allow myself to give.

So, long story short: don't count yourself out of anything. Set your goals, follow your dreams. Don't count the days until they've passed (easier said than done!), do what you love, and for heaven's sake, love what you do. Please do not make yourself miserable at work. Here's a harsh reality: we will likely (and God-willing) be working for a few more decades. Love it, enjoy it, cherish it.

Clearly enjoying my new home!
For those wondering, I am absolutely infatuated with my new home and love sharing it with this wild animal. Thanks a million for keeping tabs on me and for praying my way to this marvelous moment in life!

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