May 22, 2011

I remember...

...when I said goodbye to all of my friends one afternoon. I never thought life was going to be worth it being separated from them.
...the day I moved into the dorms back in August 2010 and the air conditioning was out, it was at least 95* outside, and I was sweating like a pig.
...when I didn't know anyone except my roommate so we walked around aimlessly and acted like we knew what was going on.
... how I thought SDSU's campus was gigantic and I would never "get" it.
...the moment my mother left me for the last time and I was officially on my own. I felt bad because I wasn't sad or sure how to react since I was pretty independent throughout high school--senior year especially. my roommate cried when her mom left and I then I felt bad for not caring.
...the first weekend of school a (drunk) girl was "stuck" on my floor and kept trying to exit through the emergency door, setting the alarm off numerous times at 3:30 am.
...feeling lonely the first few weeks and especially the first day of school. I had SUCH a strong support system here at home and an awesome group of friends, it was hard to transition to nothing.
...when I met a couple friends from high school for dinner one night. It was really nice to see familiar faces and feel comfortable again.
...trying to navigate my way downtown on public transit on 9/11/10 to meet a lady who I babysit for. Needless to say, I got extremely lost (heading to Mexico), cried HYSTERICALLY for a good 45 minutes, met her for dinner, and then called my roommate to come pick me up. Traumatizing event.
...the day I turned 18 on the 18th. My dad came down to spend the day with me and it was just lovely. At this point I still hadn't bonded with many real friends (it was only the third week) and who wants to spend their 18th alone? Or any birthday, for that matter.
...when tryouts for crew started and my friendships started forming. I will never forget that first bunch of teammates.

...the first month of college...

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