October 16, 2010

My 18th (four weeks later)

My birthday this year was something new for me. Not only was I entering a new phase of my life ("adulthood"), I also did not have my many, many friends swarming me with love notes, hugs, presents, and the like. Turning 18 is a big deal for some people, but really for me, it was just another year that I was about to embark on!

It was my golden birthday and for the day, my wonderful dad came down to San Diego to spend the day with me. It was so nice to see him on my birthday, especially since I hadn't spent time with him since a week before I moved. Another friend from home that lives down here in San Diego celebrated with us a little bit which was awesome as well!

In the morning, we went out to a nice little breakfast just the three of us. My friend, K, then had to leave and go to another function and so I then showed my dad around San Diego State (which took two hours...) and then we ventured downtown and relaxed along the ocean. All-in-all, it was a fabulous way to start my adult years and I could not have asked for anything better!

And of course...photos! :)

Pops and me...his birthday is 8 days before mine so this is "our" birthday cake :)

K and me sportin' the cute birthday cones :)

Me and pops with our birthday hats!

Somehow, I forgot to mention that my dad knows the way to my heart. Food. Happy birthday to ME!

Dad and me outside PetCo Park (where the Padres play). This was awesome because the Giants (my team) and the Padres were actually playing each other (but in SF). Aaaaaaaaand, the Giants ended up winning the National League West over the Padres. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! GO GIANTS!!!!!! Headed to NLCS!

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