September 10, 2010

Negligence and Friendship

An odd title, to say the least. How do negligence and friendship go hand-in-hand, one may ask? They don't. Unless of course you are neglecting a friend or being a faulty friend, then they possibly could.

Negligence is exactly what I am doing to this blog. On twitter I may boast about all this glorious free time in college that I have to do work, hangout with friends, go to practice, or whatever it may be that I find myself doing, except for blogging. I am still a newbie at this whole blogging thing so it's not always on the top of my mind when I'm thinking of things that I can do. I'm also not always on my A-game for blogging material...I need a spark to come! I sincerely am trying my very best to not keep you (is anyone there, anyway?) bored and hollow whilst looking at this blog! So, long story short, keep with me. ;)

Next, friendship. What is friendship? One may think of friendship as a bond between two or more people who share common characteristics or are involved in some of the same activities, whether they be sports, clubs, religious groups, etc. The dictionary on my dashboard is telling me that friendship is "the emotions or conducts of being friends" or "the state of mutual trust and support."

To me, friendship is...
  • not having enough space to fit all the faces that I love onto a bulletin board.
  • needing to schedule skype dates because each friend wants a different day.
  • getting cute little postcards in the mail while away for school.
  • shedding tears for those that I miss who are no longer with us.
  • being able to call anyone in my phonebook at any hour of the day just to chat.
  • meeting new people in college but never forgetting the old ones that got me here.
  • a care package sent to me just because.
  • never-ending love.

1 comment:

  1. I can tell you, college or not, conversing on Twitter is SO much easier, faster and gratifying than blogging...most of the time! Don't beat yourself up. ;)


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